New sales channel

Key Cage allows you to launch a completely new gas sales channel. An innovative solution is the development of a traditional sales model and allows for increased sales.

new sales channel

Increase sales

Key Cage is a device that extends the existing forms of gas cylinders exchange and increase sales. Retailers and gas stations can easily start selling them with Key Cage.


The Key Cage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not require the employee to participate, so the customer can exchange the cylinder at any time.


Automation of cylinder exchange process

With the use of advanced mechanical solutions, the gas cylinder exchange can be done by the unassisted customer. The process of exchange is completely automated.

No staff involvement

The customer can manually exchange the gas cylinder using the previously purchased key. There is no need for trained staff, so Key Cage allows for significant acceleration and reduced operating costs.

no employee

Low installation cost (no electrical)

Key Cage is a fully mechanical device, with no electronic element. This allows to install the device anywhere without the need for advanced infrastructure.

Low maintenance cost

The highest quality components used in the production of the Key Cage ensure very long trouble-free operation. No complicated electronic solutions keep the level of service costs at a very low level.

low cost

Advertising space

On a Key Cage there are surfaces that can be used as advertising surfaces. In addition, there is a space for a label on each door with information about the type of cylinder.

Additional traffic/footfall

Buying gas by the local residents provides additional traffic. By installing the device in parking lots in front of stores or at gas stations, you can easily enhance the attractiveness of your location.