The process of cylinder exchange

The exchange of a gas cylinder requires to use a special key bought in a trade point. The key should be suitable for a particular kind of cylinder, e.g. the A key allows to exchange cylinders 11kg, and the B key to exchange cylinders 7,5kg.

Step 1

key for key cage

Buy a key correspond to the kind of the gas cylinder you want to exchange,

Step 2

gas key cage sticker

Find boxes in the device that correspond to the kind of your key.

Step 3

gas key cage insert cylinder

Insert the empty cylinder to the empty box. Use the special mechanical key bought earlier, by turning it in the lock.

Step 4

gas key cage move doors

The blockade securing the door is released and the door may now be moved, thereby securing the deposited cylinder and opening access to the full cylinder.

Step 5

gas key cage pick up cylinder

Take out the full cylinder after moving the door.

Next customer

gas key cage security between compartments

A new client will be able to deposit his/her empty cylinder in the box, which stays open after the previous client.