Turning to IoT

The Gas Key Cage is now in the IoT network - the system of interrelated objects with the ability to transfer data without human interaction. IoT modules embedded in the Gas Key Cage ensure constant remote monitoring of its content. Due to the integrated battery powered loT modules, the whole solution remains wireless and requires no power connection. From now on, as an IoT device, the Gas Key Cage can offer additional, remarkable features described below.

Gas Key Cage with IoT

Gas Key Cage with loT offers remarkable features like:

  • the ability to collect data wirelessly from any device,
  • the ability to analyze data
  • the ability to respond to events (e.g. empty device)


Thanks to that, both the distributor and retailer can optimize logistics costs, ensure the availability of gas cylinders in the device and better tailor the offer to the needs of customers.

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Main benefits

  • for retailers remote sales monitoring of devices located outside the store:
    • real cylinder pickup time which may be different from the key buying time
    • notification to make new order (minimum amount alert)
    • out of service alert


  • for distributors remote sales data monitoring (independent from retailer) of devices located in long distance from the storage or logistic center - possibility to check every single device:
    • amount of full/empty cylinders
    • history of deliveries
    • out of service alerts
    • collecting data regarding end-customers behaviour (for Operations, or/and Marketing, Logistic)
    • optimize logistics costs
      • amount and types of cylinders
      • delivery routes